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Running – rediscovered as a natural Locomotion

For millions of years, running has been the natural way of locomotion for humans. Therefore, we are convinced that passive aids like high-tech running shoes, orthotics or bandages are unneccessary and counterproductive in running. They are rarely able to permanently protect a runner from pain and injuries and can often even promote injuries in other parts of the body. Leading sports scientists are more and more questioning the concept of a running shoe which is supposed to “cushion, support and guide” the foot.
Sustainable injury prevention is only possible when we remember our natural abilities and learn to use our supportive muscles in a well-coordinated and efficient way. No matter whether we are on our route with or without shoes, the gentle and elastic running technique - utilized by nearly every human being when running barefoot on hard ground - serves us as our ideal. Depending on the demands of our active members, we complement our
barefoot-running exercises with a coordinative and strength training as well as a basic programme of self-massage and stretching.

Whenever possible: barefoot!

The Marburg Running School is one of the few organized running groups in Europe setting a special focus on barefoot running. Quite a few runners improve their posture and body tension instantaneously when their naked feet collide with a hard – asphalt, concrete or tartan – surface.
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Tips & tricks for barefoot running

If you take into account some basic advice and avoid some typical beginners' mistakes, your first barefoot steps can be easy and comfortable.
Please read the
Tips and Tricks of our experienced Barefooters Team.

Running technique

An active running form can significantly reduce the load exerted on sensitive and injury-prone structures of your locomotor system and makes you run more easily.
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technique workouts.

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Join us: weekly Training dates , Univ. stadium
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