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Current Issues

News from the Running School

You are welcome to register for our Barefoot-Running Seminar on Sat., 2021-06-05 (pure Open-Air event!). Participation is free of charge.

Silvia Brutschin joins the executive team of Marburg Running School, replacing Katrin Kusche (2020-05-12).

Jens Brandt is the new Deputy Director of Marburg Running School (2019-12-12).

Judith Sikora and Jens Brandt ensured a double victory of the Running School's barefoot team over 5 km at the Wohra AuenLauf in Rauschenberg (2019-05-18).

On May, 8th,
Sophia Koch and Martin Güngerich gave an interview about barefoot running on Radio Unerhört Marburg. Podcast available online until 2019-05-15.

Barefoot-Running Seminar 2019 with 39 participants despite the cool weather. See first impressions on
Twitter, a gallery and a video (2019-05-14).

Judith Sikora ran a new club record over 10,000 meters (track) in Wetter (2019-02-23).

Announcement of the 2019 Barefoot Running Seminar (2019-02-06).

The website is now also available in English (2019-02-02).

The new website was launched (2019-01-19).

Werner Zittlau was awarded the
Lisa-Marie-Jasper Prize (2018-12-13).

The Running School is committed to preserving the barefoot-suitable Waldtalstraße (link to follow).

The running school published its
mission statement (2018-05-26).

From now on, Judith Sikora will support our
executive team as a an assistant instructor and legal advisor (2018-05-18).

6th Barefoot Seminar on 2018-05-06 was a great success with 37 participants.

Judith Sikora ran a new club record over 10,000 meters (track) in Marburg (2018-02-24).

Running tracks from our regular training are now published on
GPSies.com (2017-09-24).

statute of the barefoot-running prize was passed by the executive team of the Running School (2015-11-18).

The running school awarded its new
barefoot running prize for the first time. Lisa-Marie Jasper was the laureate (2015-07-27).

Public races in central Hesse

Due to the Corona pandemic, most of the race dates in our region are still unclear. The overview for 2021 (with information on barefoot suitability) will follow as soon as more of them have been fixed.
The performances of our team members in the last races are listed in "
Results" (some including photos).

Events hosted by the Running School

Everything about the annual running seminar and other special events by the Running School can be found in "Events".

The Running School in the media

Article about barefoot running with contributions by Martin Güngerich in the "Apotheken-Umschau" issue 2020-06-01.
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New post with quotes and photos from the Barefoot-Running Seminar on "Trends of Sports" (2019-05-16).
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Interview with the director of the Running School M. Güngerich on "rennsandale.de" (2018-11-20).

Interview with Werner Zittlau on Radio Unerhört Marburg about running the Marburg night marathon barefoot (2018-07-05).

Report on the 6th Marburg Barefoot Seminar on Radio Unerhört Marburg (2018-06-28).

Presentation of the Running School in the sports portal of the city of Marburg (July 2017).
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Barefoot Running Magazine (p.160) reports on the Marburg barefoot running team (2014-12-03).
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Barefoot athlete of the Running School is mentioned in the report on the Nuremberg Indoor Marathon 2014 (2014-11-12).
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