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Our Mission Statement

1st Edition, issued May 25, 2018
by Martin Güngerich und Judith Sikora

1. Healthy and aid-free running without the pressure to perform

The Marburg Running School offers attractive training for those who see running as a natural, species-appropriate mode of movement for humans and thus want to keep their musculoskeletal system healthy in the long run.

Through our training offer, those people who use orthopedic aids or special running shoes due to civilization-related weaknesses of the musculoskeletal system regain their strength and coordination for a naturally healthy running technique.

Sustainably healthy sport for us has priority over short-term racing rersults. Therefore, competitions in the name of the running school are exclusively run without orthopedic aids. Good competition results are for us merely a welcome side effect of a permanent training in harmony with human nature.

2. Barefoot running as an ideal training method and independent sport

After thousands of training and racing kilometers, we have recognized that barefoot running is a simple and effective way to your improve running technique and body tension. Consequently, it is our most important training method.

Our training ensures low-threshold access to barefoot running for all participants, taking into account individual limits in dealing with environmental conditions such as surface, weather and light.

The promotion of barefoot running as an independent sport is very important to us. Among the runners' community, we want to raise awareness that running without shoes is not only healthy, but is also a viable way of running, particularly in an urban environment.

We actively work to improve the conditions for barefoot running people in Marburg and the surrounding area.

We support former participants of our training who have left the region in keeping up their barefoot running activities.
We encourage them to build their own running groups at their new residences.

3. Always on the move for the city and the region

Our training routes are perfectly adapted to the needs of barefoot running people and are nevertheless diverse and varied.
The attractiveness of the city of Marburg and its region is thus experienced in a sporty way.

In order to strengthen the emotional ties, especially those of our young participants, to the city of Marburg, we add informative anecdotes on the history, architecture and personalities of the university city to our training routes.

4. Independence

The Marburg Running School puts great emphasis on advising runners with respect to their training and equipment in an independent and unbiased manner. Therefore, we only accept material support from companies whose products or services have no relationship with running.

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Join us: weekly Training dates , Univ. stadium
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