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Useful Links

Running form

Prof. Daniel Lieberman (Biomechanics lab at Harvard University, USA)

Running-form videos by Wolfgang Bunz (running coach und author)

Natural Running Center : Comprehensive information on natural running form and minimalist shoes

Barefoot running and minimalist footwear

Rennsandale.de (Podcast by the barefoot and sandal runner Axel Schemberg from Kempen/North Rhine Westphalia)

Courir pieds nus (Website by the barefoot runner Christian Harberts from Paris/France)

Birthdayshoes.com : In-depth reviews of minimalist (running) shoes

Public races and other running events in the region

Leichtathletik-Kreis Marburg-Biedenkopf : Announcements, results and photos of running events in Marburg and in the region

Hessian running calendar : Comfortable search engine for public races in Hesse

Martin Güngerich's running tracks on GPSies.com : Map-views of routes run in public races as well as of barefoot-friendly training routes in Marburg

Miscellaneous and helpful information for planning your runs

Meteox: European precipitation radar - is it going to rain/snow within the coming hours?

Current water levels of Hessian rivers (sometimes useful for planning runs near the river bank)

Route Converter : Free software for displaying, editing and generating routes, using OpenStreetMap and other online maps

BRouter-Web : online routing by waypoints for pedestrians

Khurrads Running Calendar : Simple offline running diary with graphical analysis

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Join us: weekly Training dates , Univ. stadium
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