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Training Times, Meeting Point, Requirements

The Marburg Running School meets for its regular training at least once per week.
General meeting point is the entrance of the Marburg University Stadium (Jahnstraße; Coordinates 50.8039° North, 8.7740° East).

Until further notice, we meet at
flexible times in the afternoons on weekends. The upcoming running units are announced at least one week in advance on our homepage.

further training appointments (also approx. 90 min) are fixed weekly and announced by mailing list (newsletter).
You can become a member of this list by request to the executive team. You have to keep in touch with the Running School to stay on the list. If you want to (re-)
subscribe to the list, please write an e-mail, use the Contact Form or just come to the (fixed) training.

If a training unit is cancelled, you will get to know this via the newsletter or by viewing the “
News” section.

Our running routes usually range
between 7 kms and 12 kms (dependent on the altitude profile and the fitness of the group) and are run at a moderate pace so that all people used to an easy endurance training can follow them without problems. If you can already run continously for 45 min on an even route, you will easily cope.

All our
training units are privately organized by our executive team. Participation is always free of charge. As there is no corporate insurance, you are always responsible for your own safety.

We recommend that you participate in our training on a regular basis, because we do not simply running but also occasionally teach running theory and do
supplementary workouts. In any case, new participants are always welcome to join us.
To stay informed about all appointments, cancellation of units, local running events etc., you have to subscribe to our newsletter.
The best way to do this is by using our
Contact Form.

Note on photography and filming:

During the training and during the participation of our team in public races we often take photos or videos. We use the photos/videos for public relations purposes of the Marburg Running School (online, social media, print publications). We assume that the persons participating in these events agree to the publication of the pictures. If you do not wish the photos/videos of your person to be used for the purposes mentioned, please inform the photographer.

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Join us: weekly Training dates , Univ. stadium
... or fill in the
Contact Form