The Marburg Barefoot Running Group

During the warmer seasons, training at Marburg Running School is always optimized to meet the demands of barefoot runners.

We welcome everybody who wants to learn unshod running or who is already experienced in doing it.
Running newbies are unually able to follow easily due to low requirements for endurance and sole-friendly running surfaces.

Time: Regular training on Mondays, 18:45. Additional units by appointment.
Guide: Martin Güngerich
Meeting Point: University Stadium in Jahnstraße (Coordinates: 50.8036° North, 8.7743° East)
Distance: approx. 7 - 12 km

Barefoot running on a regular basis can provide a lot of benefits to your locomotor system. You

If you are new to barefoot running or re-entering after a longer (winter-)break, we do not expect you to run the whole route barefoot.
However, all participants should at least try a short part (e.g. 1 km) without shoes, to get used to it. Beginners will be supplied with light backpacks for shoe transportation.

Just try it – it's healthy and much easier than most people think!